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Why the ANALyst?

A few people have asked me why I have named my blog as such. Allow me an attempt at explanation. In my firm, the most junior employees (straight out of college) are titled Analysts / Business Analysts. An Analyst’s job description has been pretty well explained by Consultant Insider in this blog. Hence, I shall not repeat. However, I will illustrate a recent real life experience.

About six months ago, I was involved in a six week engagement helping formulate customer segmentation strategy for one of our clients. My day usually went some what like this:

830 am: The ANALyst walks into the client office.

830 – 9: Read newspapers online.

9 am: Client MD walks in, peeps into my desk.

MD: ANALyst can we have a catch up in my office in ten minutes.

ANALyst: Sure. Be right there.

910 am: ANALyst walks into MD’s office.

MD: Come in. Turn around. Bend forward.

5pm: The ANALyst comes out of MDs office looking tired and dishevelled, when the engagement manager calls out.

EM: ANALyst, I heard you had a fruitful meeting with MD. He has been saying good things about you. However, we need to go over a few things for tomorrows presentation with the CFO. Come here, bend forward.

930 pm: The ANALyst calls a cab, gets to his hotel and drops off for a few hours of relative peace before the routine begins again.

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