The ANALyst

Leverage, optimise, synergise


The after-life was running its merry course when suddenly a friend dropped a bombshell! Seeing me indulging in Facebook at all hours, she casually asked, “How do you have so much free time?” Little did she know how devastating the effects of her question were going to be! Guilt surrounded me immediately! How could I allow myself to be free??? Time spent doing nothing is time wasted. And guess what, time wasted is time lost.

When you follow an 80 hour-a-week routine, ladies and gentlemen, every second counts. Every second needs to be optimised. Work constantly needs to be reprioritised. The only rest allowed is that required to keep working. When work suddenly stops, it feels a bit like an animal that has forever been kept in captivity and suddenly let out. At first the freedom feels refreshing, however, as time progresses a sudden feeling of loss sets in. Questions arise in your mind constantly. Doubts, second thoughts, regrets – you name it.

Does this mean, I am regretting, absolutely not! With each passing day, I feel more glad about the move I have made. But the feeling described above serves as a reminder – take your time off, but use it to get your life back on track; do not forget or alienate the bigger goal; do not get carried away.

So to my friend who asked the question – yes, I am free, but my mind is working!

July 6, 2009 Posted by | Life | 2 Comments