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Sunday Afternoon

It is Sunday afternoon and I am procrastinating. In no order of priority the following are the things I need to get done

  1. Start B-school essays
  2. Start GMAT study (exam in the 2nd week of Nov)
  3. Some PM stuff for the project I am managing at work at the moment
  4. Write an article for a newsletter at work (They want to know my experience of the Emerging Economy so far…arrrrrgggghhhh!)
  5. Wash my clothes (arrrghh x2)
  6. Clean my room
  7. Eat lunch (luckily I don’t have to make it, the cost of living at the Emerging Economy allows me to outsource the cooking)

Now that’s a lot of work for a Sunday afternoon. Especially considering I’ve had three weeks of 20 hour days non-stop. Apart from the sheer intensity of the project, working in different timezones also takes its toll. And I thought I was going to have a relaxing few months here (never ever assume)!

Anyway I need to get back to my procrastination…..and a few beers….cheers!!!

October 25, 2009 Posted by | General Rambling | 4 Comments