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Another visit to BBS.

Having created a username and password at the application page of BBS (refer earlier post), I got invited to the Student’s Conclave today. It was a whole day event from 10 am to 7 pm. Thanks to a lack of sleep, completely attributed to alcohol and project work, I almost didn’t make it. However, given that this would be the only chance I would get to attend a classroom session at any b-school prior to joining one, I decided against passing up on the opportunity.

The day started off with the invited prospective students to join the marketing club’s annual panel discussion event at the main auditorium (separate post on that later). The panel discussion event lasted for about three hours, most of which was quite interesting.

This was followed by lunch for the invited prospective students. Having dozed off during the announcements, I had little idea as to the location where the delicacies were being served. I ended up wandering around the campus instead. The campus is beautiful, serene and modern. Facilities are state of the art and the accomodation on par with hotels (fully serviced). In the course of this little adventure, I bumped into another lost soul looking for the lunch venue. He happened to be a Big4 consultant from the Big Apple, who decided he wanted to return to his motherland for b-school and the life beyond.

Next session was the one I was most looking forward to. A classroom case study, with one of the professors, titled “Negotiations in the corporate world”. Aah! Why not! While the prospectives gathered in the assigned lecture hall, one over enthusiastic soul decided to take charge, “While we are waiting, why don’t we introduce ourselves and where we come from….our backgrounds and which round are we applying to…” My new found friend from the Big Apple gave me the “What the **** is wrong with this guy look”. I concurred. What a twerp!

Anyway, the professor strode in and much to my disappointment, announced that instead of the case study he would just have a discussion on negotiations! Apparently, one hour wasn’t enough for him to conduct a meaningful case study. He distributed a set of questions where you are meant to make a decision, followed by a discussion on the same. It was supposed to enlighten the students on errors made during decision making in the absence of complete information. By all means, the points he made were very valid and a lot of the class seemed to enjoy it. There were lots of “ahaa” moments. However, it wasn’t something any decent consultant with more than two months work experience wouldn’t know already. I don’t blame the professor though – he was catering to a very wide audience with the majority being fairly young people.

The last session (or atleast the last that I attended), was about the various student run clubs at BBS. Mainly generic stuff present at most good b-schools.

Overall impression – still unchanged from my previous experience, although I really liked the calibre of people they had invited to the marketing panel discussion. Was also impressed with the knowledge and background of the above mentioned professor, although it was a shame, I did not get to see a real classroom case study. Applicant pool – fairly diverse (atleast in terms of industry and experience, if not nationality).

Will I apply? Probably! No harm  in applying is there. Will I go there if selected? I don’t know yet!

November 9, 2009 - Posted by | B-School

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  1. good luck for the gmat tomorrow!

    Comment by res ipsa | November 9, 2009 | Reply

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