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A New Beginning

Happy 2010, ladies and gentlemen. I am back after a not so restful vacation at the Party State of the Emerging Economy. It’s back to work now, which is always a bit sad. Now, a lot of people start off a new year by making resolutions. I used to, as well, at one stage. Not anymore. Simply because today’s resolution may have absolutely no relevance tomorrow.

However, having said that, there are a few things I hope for in 2010. They are:

1. A sense of direction and purpose in my life.

2. Try to get out of debt (includes student loans, mortgages and the omnipresent credit card debts).

3. Apply for b-school (definitely need to get that one right this year).

4. Blog a lot more frequently.

5. Go to the gym regularly.

6. Travel, travel and lots of travel (nothing makes me happier than sitting at an airport and waiting for my flight and seeing new places. Yes it’s true, inspite of having been a consultant, I still love flying).

What are some of the things that you hope for?

Have a great 2010.

January 11, 2010 Posted by | General Rambling | 1 Comment