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iPhone 4G

So the iPhone 4G (not to be confused with 4G network) was released on Monday. It was something I was eagerly looking forward to, with the idea of finding a suitable replacement for my two year old iPhone 3G. I was expecting this release to be a major step over the previous editions for a few reasons:

1. Make the iPhone 3G users upgrade.

2. Stay one-step ahead of the competition from the likes of the Droid and HTC Evo (offered on Sprint’s 4G network).

3. Having established themselves in the smart phone business (in fact having reinvented the smart phone category), define new possibilities of what maybe achieved with a cellphone. Raising the bar even higher.

So has it achieved it all that?

To be honest, I am a little underwhelmed…..

First the good points (from my perspective).

1. Multi-tasking – Thank you, Mr. Jobs. This was much needed. For me personally, I would love being able to keep the Google chat application open while I am browsing on Safari. I would also not like my browser not loading if I get a call while I am surfing. Not having multi-tasking is one of the biggest pain points for me at the moment and this will go a long way to alleviate that.

2. Camera – I do not use the camera on my iPhone 3G a lot. For one, its crap. And secondly, photography is a hobby, so I usually carry around my Canon Digital Rebel XTi wherever I go. However, there are places where a DSLR isn’t the best choice of equipment. Going out on a Saturday night for example – a good quality phone camera can be quite handy in such instances. The upgrade to a 5 megapixel camera will hopefully make it more useful.

3. HD Video – This is a useful feature. My 3G doesn’t have any form of video. So certainly a step-up.

4. Gyroscope – Personally, it won’t benefit me in anyway, but, I suppose it opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for Apps developers.

So, while there are a few good feature upgrades, there are a few things that I am not too impressed about. Basically, all the updates by Apple, while useful, just bring the iPhone up to par with competitors such as the Droid and the HTC models. I don’t see anything ground-breaking by Apple this time around. Perhaps my expectations were too high (I am a big Apple fan btw), or perhaps Apple expects the main improvements would come from the Apps developers – I am not so sure.

Will I be upgrading? Umm….not very certain. Let’s see!

Apple completely changed the game when it came out with the first iPhone. However, perhaps others are catching up. In light of the other offerings in the market, while I still think that the iPhone is a great phone to have, in my humble opinion, it is no longer THE phone to have.

June 11, 2010 - Posted by | General Rambling


  1. I agree more or less, but I do think bringing Apple’s excellent mobile UI up to date with competitors retains the iphone’s place as the leading non-business smartphone. My contract ends just as I go to the UK, so I will probably pick up a 4G there.

    I am currently in the throes of another Mac dilemma – do I get a macbook for b-school or stick with good old windows?

    Comment by Consultant Insider | June 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. Agreed. Which is why I mentioned it was a game-changer when it came out. Apple is seen as an innovator which is precisely why they need to keep innovating….keep changing the game. It’s what allows them to retain their margins.

    As for your laptop. May I recommend the MacBook Pro 13inch (not the base model). I got one last year when the aluminium version for the 13inch came out…and I am hooked mate!

    Comment by banalyst | June 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Fantastic info love the site.

    Comment by Ramona | June 23, 2010 | Reply

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