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Time for change……Yes we can!!!

Apologies for the delay fellow enlightened souls. I was so so so busy satisfying the most demanding of clients that I almost forgot I had a blog to “own”.

But to fill you guys in, a lot has happened since the time I last posted. After spending 80 hours a week in the office for just over two years making presentations that will put Picasso to shame when it comes to artistic value and make a caveman feel like a prize winning economist when it comes to content, I decided to end it all. The prospect of wasting my youth (and the rest of my life) doing something utterly meaningless that makes no positive tangible difference to anyone’s life was certainly not appealing. A decision had to be made.

Don’t really know what I will do next, but a wealth of opportunities have suddenly opened up. In no order of preference, they are,

1) Go travelling.
2) Become a tour guide (options 1 and 2 maybe combined)
3) Work in an oil rig (for some reason this sounds really appealing)
4) Become a standup comedian
5) Become an actor (anyone know how to go about doing that)
6) Start something of my own

Aah, the possibilities are endless and to contemplate I have a one week holiday booked in the Carribbean beaches. Bliss!!!

What will happen to this blog you ask? I think I will keep it going, with anecdotes from my past life and future life. After all I may just return to consulting, you never know. But either way I will always need an outlet to release my frustrations.

So now I am off to enjoy my new found freedom. Until next time….

June 13, 2009 Posted by | Life | 5 Comments